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Harry was lying sprawled on the grass, hands crossed on his stomach. His expression was hard to read, somewhere between concentrating very hard and completely zoned out, Draco guessed he was lost in thought again. Strolling over he found Harry's eyes shut tight against the sun; it was almost mid-day and the summer heat was blazing. Draco sat down alongside Harry then, gently placing his hands under his head, pushed himself down onto his back. Rolling his head to the left he saw Harry's light pink lips form into a gentle smile, he had heard Draco's approach. Scanning down Harry's silhouetted profile he admired every facet and curve of Harry's slim figure, pausing for a number of seconds at the hands. There was something about the hands that got Draco, something about the way the wrists joined to the palm; it gave Harry a strong look about him, but not brutish and fighter like, more like the precise, delicate hands of a master craftsman. "Alright Harry?" It sounded like less of a question and more a statement but that didn't matter. "Hey Draco," Harry didn't answer the question but that wasn't the point. "what're you doing at the castle? Everyone else is out in Hogsmeade." "That’s the idea. Heard you were staying behind and I thought I'd hang back too; maybe we could have some alone time y'know?" Harry rolled towards Draco and they were brought face to face. Harry opened his eyes and held Draco's gaze intently. His previously gentle smile broke into a boyish grin and a soft snigger escaped his throat, Draco mirrored this and, placing his hands softly on his boyfriend's back, pulled Harry towards him and on top of him. Draco's arms firmly holding Harry into his chest and Harry's arms draped lazily around his neck, their lips met. Harry was an exceptionally good kisser, that was clear, his tongue darted back and forth; a bit like a snake which, as Draco understood it, was probably a benefit of whole the parseltongue thing and it never really paused at all. They rolled around each other a few times which had the effect of bringing them rater close to the water's edge; Harry dropped off Draco's chest and playfully flicked four streams of water into the air with his fingers, the steams fell over them in sparkling droplets and they both let out loud, almost childish laughs. They were silenced quickly though as the pair rolled further up and away from the lake, lips tenderly against each other again, tongues moving fast behind them. "D'you wanna go somewhere a little less... well... open?" Harry raised his eyebrows slightly as he said the last word and tilted his head in a rather inquiring manner. Draco understood what he meant immediately, he shut his eyes momentarily, still bearing a broad smile. "Sure." He opened his eyes. "Where?" Harry placed his hands just to Draco's sides and pushed himself to his feet, then, offering his hand, he looked up and scanned across the whole castle grounds. "Not sure. There's a visitor's cabin by the forest that'll be empty now..." Draco had stopped pulling himself up. "Aw I'm sorry babe," Harry pulled him the rest of the way up and into his arms "I forgot about the thing with the forest. Maybe just the dorms or something eh?" "Yeah good idea." Draco still hadn't forgotten about the forbidden forest and the thought of Harry almost dying didn't really help anymore. "The Slytheryn dorms will be empty; let's go there." "How do you know?" Harry didn't doubt Draco would be right, he was good at this kind of thing. But he still wanted to know how. "Seriously just trust me, none of them will miss a trip to the Three Broomsticks. Unless they're going to the Hog's Head instead that is." Draco slipped his arm around Harrys and took his hand, they linked their fingers and Draco stepped out of Harrys embrace. They walked towards the castle. As they strolled, the sun on their backs, Harry wondered how Draco could be so calm, he was just stepping gracefully across the grass while Harry was pretty sure that he tripped every second step he took and was positive he looked more flustered than a phoenix feather. Or maybe it was just his head messing with him. As they reached gravel he pulled closer to Draco; he didn't really care if he was paranoid or not. A while later they reached the main door, in the entrance hall the red carpets shone in the shafts of light pouring in at diagonals from the high windows, passing the entrance hall they went up a few floors, making a turn now and then. The pair were a few meters away from the end of the corridor when a flash of deep green robes flew past the next one, the robes were most definitely McGonagall's and equally was the voice that proceeded to shout "PEARDROPS!" at a completely unnecessary volume. What followed was a deeper, very gruff voice: "It's not those bleeding Centaur foals again is it Professor?" to which McGonagall replied: "No, no, a quite different matter. I'll explain later." Harry stuck his head around the corner with an inquisitive look on his face. "Everything alright Professor?" McGonagall turned with more speed than Harry would have thought her capable. Then her exasperated expression broke and she smiled faintly. "Oh no everything is quite fine, it doesn't concern you Potter get back to whoever you... I mean whatever you were doing." And with that she disappeared into an opening in the wall, promptly sealing itself with a large gargoyle. Harry turned back to Draco. "Well what on earth was that all about?" Exclaimed Harry, deeply confused. "I haven't the foggiest. And what was all that about peardrops?" "Must be Dumbledore's new password, that's his office." "Why peardrops though?" "I haven't the foggiest." Concluded Harry, and with that he took Draco's hand again and let him lead the way.